Have you ever just stopped dead in your tracks and asked yourself any of these questions: ‘what do I actually believe in?’ ‘what’s it all about?’ ‘why is there something rather than nothing?’ ‘What is the point of God?’  If you have, then read on a little further.

Theology at CCSP enables students to develop the critical skills required to assess practices & beliefs, cultures & creeds, and ideas & values in contemporary life.  We assist our students as they explore ideas and questions about beliefs, non-belief, self-understanding and what it means to be human.   As an academic discipline Theology offers learners the opportunities to explore in the widest sense what it is to question, to doubt, and to believe.  Our students are always learning to imagine, engage, and inspire in bigger, brighter, and better ways.

Join Michael Sherman for his webinar on Theology ‘Why we imitate each other”.